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Physical Therapy

For the first time ever, Seaport Community Health Center has physical therapists on staff. The purpose is two-fold: to decrease the time to access, and to improve communication between therapist and doctor. Of course, patients may choose or need to see therapists other than those on staff, and non-SCHC patients may use our therapists.

Bart Hotchkin, DPT

Physical therapists (PTs) are licensed health care professionals who can help patients reduce pain and restore mobility–in many cases without surgery or the long-term use of prescription medications and their attendant side effects. Physical therapists teach patients how to manage their condition and prevent further injury. A PT evaluates each patient and develops an individual treatment plan.

Injuries or Conditions Retreated: sports injuries; conditioning & wellness; rehabilitation after join replacement, hospitalization, or stroke; osteoarthritis & DJD; work & auto injuries; sciatica; back & neck pain, shoulder & knee pain; fibromyalgia, chronic pain, ergonomic assessments, youth fitness & conditioning; overuse injuries.

Modalities Used: Treatments focus on active and individualized programs. In addition to exercise, functional activities, and manual therapy treatment, modalities may include moist heat and cold packs, therapeutic taping, electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, ultrasound, and iontophoresis.

Home Physical Therapy: We hope to provide home physical therapy where needed and appropriate, and to take advantage of community resources, including the YMCA’s therapy pool, walking track, and gym equipment.

Physical Therapy hours:

Monday: 7am – 6pm, closed 1–2pm
Tuesday: 7am – 6pm, closed 12–1pm
Wednesday: 7am – 6pm, closed 1–2pm
Thursday: 9am – 6pm, closed 12–1pm
Friday: 7am – 5pm