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Behavioral Therapy

Painting by local artist Alan Fishman

The behavioral therapy department has been an integral part of Seaport Community Health Center since 1992, one of the earliest integrated programs in the country. Emotional stress can cause serious physical problems (e.g. asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, or insomnia); physical illness can lead to emotional stress (e.g. isolation, loneliness, and depression). It is one thing to be able to refer our patients to a good therapist, but quite another to have them on staff and ready to meet with patients in need.

  • Counseling: We have three licensed clinical social workers who treat patients with emotional problems individually, in couples therapy, or with their families. Additionally, they treat patients struggling with addiction.
  • Addiction Treatment: SCHC has a well-established treatment program for patients addicted to heroin and prescription pain medication. Applicants must be screened for the appropriateness of outpatient therapy. They must also agree to Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) education sponsored by Midcoast Mental Health Center AND remain drug-free (including marijuana) for the duration of treatment. We use opioid substitution as “bridge therapy” until patients can stabilize their personal lives and taper off buprenorphine. Most addicts will be treated in groups.
  • Group Therapy: We offer support and educational groups for patients dealing with newly discovered or uncontrolled chronic disease (e.g. diabetes) and for those transitioning to retirement and old age. They carry such names as “The Old Duffers,” “What the Heck,” and “Life After Work.”
  • Psychiatry: Carol Browning is a board-certified psychiatrist who offers evaluations, consultations and ongoing treatment in our office 3 days a week. Behavioral therapy and psychiatric notes are kept separately from clinical notes in our EHR for added privacy.
Carol Browning, MD
Tim Hughes, MD
Mary-Beth Leone-Thomas, LCSW