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About Us

Seaport Community Health Center serves Waldo County residents as your Patient-Centered Medical Home. We offer a wide variety of health services, including an on-site, full-scale pharmacy for Seaport patients as well as the community. As one of Penobscot Community Health Care’s medical practices, we believe in the PCHC mission: We provide comprehensive, integrated primary health care services for all to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients and the Maine communities we serve.

SCHC Patient Portal

The patient portal is a secure online connection to your medical record, available 24 hours a day from wherever you have internet access. You may allow others to have access to your chart as well. For example, parents can view their children’s charts or out-of-area relatives can access your chart as a way of staying informed. The use of the portal is free.

From the secure patient portal, you can:

  • Exchange secure e-mail messages with the practice
  • View your test results
  • Request prescription refills
  • Update your health history
  • Request or view details about future appointments
  • Update your contact and insurance information
  • Download forms
  • Pay a bill

Athena Patient Portal:

You may sign up by calling Seaport Community Health Center, or ask your provider the next time you are in the office. You will need to choose a username and password.

Prescription Rx Refills

When you notice that you are low on medication and have no more refills, call your local pharmacy. They will initiate a refill request to our office; we can then very easily refill your prescription with the push of a button.

Soon this direct refill service will be available for mail order pharmacies. Until then, you can contact either your mail order pharmacy or our office to obtain these refills.

The best time to request refills is while you are at the doctor’s office. Please check your prescriptions before coming for an appointment or- better yet- bring your medications with you!

Sometimes we will not honor the pharmacy’s request for a refill. This is because too much time has gone by since the last time we saw you. Patients who take several medications on a regular basis should be seen at least twice a year. Patients on pain, anxiety, ADHD, or psychiatric medication, or who have unstable health, should be seen more often. Therefore, we sometimes write for medications to run out in three to six months as a reminder for the patient to make an appointment.

We generally prefer to see patients on daily medication at least once a year, and will not prescribe antibiotics unless a patient has been seen for the problem that requires it.

We prescribe generic medication whenever a quality generic product is available. This can save you a substantial amount of money. Most generic plans charge $4 for a month supply or $11 for a 90-day supply. Name-brand drugs that require a prior approval (PA) are sometimes necessary, but they take up a lot of our time to approve. Therefore, we ask you to be flexible and open-minded when it comes to the medication your provider prescribes. We will always support you if your insurance plan’s preferred drug has been shown to cause a side effect or does not work for you.

Even though we send your prescriptions instantly, it will take a few hours for your pharmacy to fill them.

Reaching the Doctor

Seaport Community Health Center offers you a number of ways to reach the doctor:

After Hours Call allows you to reach a provider on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Our answering service will answer the main office number 207-338-6900 and contact the on-call provider. He or she can offer advice over the telephone, agree to meet you at the office under certain circumstances, or refer you to the emergency department when necessary.

Calling the Office: Each provider works with a team member- his or her nurse or medical assistant. Together, they will try to respond to your telephone call on the day you call.

E-Mail: You can e-mail your provider directly by logging onto the New Athena Health Patient Portal:

The New Medical Home

Some of our patients miss the “old-fashioned country doctor,” the one they could call whenever they needed to be seen– before the computer, before a team of assistants separated them from their doctor, and when they mattered more than their disease.

We want to show you that the old-fashioned doctor never left, but a new kind of office has arrived, one that serves you better. The New Medical Home is not only a response to changes in healthcare, but also to your changing needs for expanded hours, online communication, and help with navigation through our a complex healthcare system.

Personalized Care: From a doctor who knows you, cares about you, and will see you through your accident, illness, and aging.

Same Day Access: Our front office and triage nurse will make an appointment for you or provide an answer on the same day that you call. An advance phone call is helpful.

Team-Based Care: It takes everyone in the office, each doing our part, to provide the services, education, and support you need.

Online Records: Through our on-line portal, you will have 24-hour access to most test results, office notes, medication list, and vaccination record.

Care Management: For patients who require more attention and special services, we assembled a special team of nurses, educators, and social workers.

Integration: We not only work alongside counselors, pharmacists, & therapists, but also with them to better understand and meet your needs.

Teaching: We are committed to educating the next generation of health professionals for the needs of rural communities.

Co-Location: For your convenience, we have brought together the essential services necessary for optimal primary care.

Community Minded: We recognize that our patients live and work in the community. And we must too, in order to understand and coordinate the health resources that abound there to help our patients.

Hospital Care

Seaport Community Health Center uses the Hospitalist Service at Waldo County General Hospital for its primary care admissions. Our doctors make social rounds, but let doctors who only work in the hospital manage your hospital care (just like emergency visits are handled, by doctors who only work in the ER).

More complicated or specialized care is referred to Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) in Bangor or the Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland. We are very familiar with most of the specialists in these larger institutions, and will do our best to link you with the right doctor for your particular medical needs.

The Hospital Service consists of providers whose sole concern is the care of hospitalized patients. They have access to the electronic medical record at Seaport Family Practice in order to provide continuity and the best possible care. We are notified of your admission and discharge, and receive copies of all documents from your hospital stay. We are available to answer any questions from the attending physician, and we will see you for a follow-up visit immediately after your hospital discharge.

Many (especially older) patients who leave Waldo County General Hospital will spend a few weeks in rehabilitation at one of the local nursing homes, Tallpines or Harbor Hill. Here, we will guide your care and try to promote a speedy recovery and return home. Dr. Carol Kuhn is the Medical Director at Tallpines and visits several times a week at both nursing homes.

Response Time

A big part of the anxiety of being sick comes from not knowing who to call, when to call, or when you will be called back. At Seaport Community Health Center, we pledge that we will call or see you within the following time frames:

Return your phone callSame Day
See you for an urgent visitWithin 1 business day
Refill a prescriptionWithin 2 business days
Schedule a consultation or testWithin 2 business days
Finish our office notesWithin 2 days
See you for an annual physicalAs soon as possible
Provide test results*Within 2 weeks
Provide office records*Within 2 weeks
Respond to an e-mail**As soon as possible
First visit for new patientsWithin 2 months

* You can always check the Patient Portal, where you can see results and records as soon as we can. You can print them directly from the portal.

** Since e-mail is sent confidentially to its intended recipient, only the person you sent it to will respond. Response time may be delayed by vacation or the overwhelming demands of the work day.

Cost Savings

Healthcare is very expensive. Most of us don’t know the cost of our care before we “consume” it. Hospitals and doctors are now required to provide general information about the cost of common procedures.

At SCHC, we promise to do our best to explain and investigate the cost of prescriptions, tests, and procedures before you commit yourself to their purchase. We have a specialist on staff who can guide you through the many programs designed to save you money.

MaineCare: MaineCare is a state-run insurance program that considers income, age, and circumstance (pregnant, parenting, disability) and is based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Before you can apply for other financial assistance programs, you must first be denied MaineCare.

Affordable Care Program: We offer our own sliding scale program for patients without insurance, based on the FPL for household income. Recipients pay a fixed fee for services. The program covers office visits, tests, procedures, and medications from PCHC facilities only.

Maine Breast & Cervical Health Program (MBCHP): The MBCHP pays for mammograms and pap smears– and office visits that include them– for women without health insurance coverage for these tests. Uninsured women who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer may qualify for MaineCare coverage.

Generic Drugs: We offer a generic drug plan that includes hundreds of the most common and effective medications. Prices are $4 for 30 days; $9 for 90 days, with no annual fee. We will also help you apply for discounts on brand name prescriptions that you cannot afford.

Preventive Medicine/Informed Choice: It is less expensive to prevent disease than to treat it, and to treat a disease earlier rather than later. While our providers will offer recommendations and options for the prevention and treatment of disease, the final decision is always yours.


Access Third Party Health Calculators:

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The Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool was designed for use by doctors and other health providers with their patients. If you are not a health provider, take these results to your doctor or other health provider to discuss your personal risk of colorectal
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