When you notice that you are low on medication and have no more refills, call your local pharmacy. They will initiate a refill request to our office; we can then very easily refill your prescription with the push of a button.

Soon this direct refill service will be available for mail order pharmacies. Until then, you can contact either your mail order pharmacy or our office to obtain these refills.

The best time to request refills is while you are at the doctor’s office. Please check your prescriptions before coming for an appointment or- better yet- bring your medications with you!

Sometimes we will not honor the pharmacy’s request for a refill. This is because too much time has gone by since the last time we saw you. Patients who take several medications on a regular basis should be seen at least twice a year. Patients on pain, anxiety, ADHD, or psychiatric medication, or who have unstable health, should be seen more often. Therefore, we sometimes write for medications to run out in three to six months as a reminder for the patient to make an appointment.

We generally prefer to see patients on daily medication at least once a year, and will not prescribe antibiotics unless a patient has been seen for the problem that requires it.

We prescribe generic medication whenever a quality generic product is available. This can save you a substantial amount of money. Most generic plans charge $4 for a month supply or $11 for a 90-day supply. Name-brand drugs that require a prior approval (PA) are sometimes necessary, but they take up a lot of our time to approve. Therefore, we ask you to be flexible and open-minded when it comes to the medication your provider prescribes. We will always support you if your insurance plan’s preferred drug has been shown to cause a side effect or does not work for you.

Even though we send your prescriptions instantly, it will take a few hours for your pharmacy to fill them.