Some of our patients miss the “old-fashioned country doctor,” the one they could call whenever they needed to be seen– before the computer, before a team of assistants separated them from their doctor, and when they mattered more than their disease.

We want to show you that the old-fashioned doctor never left, but a new kind of office has arrived, one that serves you better. The New Medical Home is not only a response to changes in healthcare, but also to your changing needs for expanded hours, online communication, and help with navigation through our a complex healthcare system.

Personalized Care: From a doctor who knows you, cares about you, and will see you through your accident, illness, and aging.

Same Day Access: Our front office and triage nurse will make an appointment for you or provide an answer on the same day that you call. An advance phone call is helpful.

Team-Based Care: It takes everyone in the office, each doing our part, to provide the services, education, and support you need.

Online Records: Through our on-line portal, you will have 24-hour access to your test results, office notes, medication list, and vaccination record.

Care Management: For patients who require more attention and special services, we assembled a special team of nurses, educators, and social workers.

Integration: We not only work alongside counselors, pharmacists, & therapists, but also with them to better understand and meet your needs.

Teaching: We are committed to educating the next generation of health professionals for the needs of rural communities.

Co-Location: For your convenience, we have brought together the essential services necessary for optimal primary care.

Community Minded: We recognize that our patients live and work in the community. And we must too, in order to understand and coordinate the health resources that abound there to help our patients.